Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Candles by Victoria review of the day - Breakfast in Vermont

Breakfast in Vermont

I have this scent in an 8 oz jar, and I got it after seeing a video where Tina (from the message board) said it was very similar to fudge brownie, but better. Well, that was all I had to hear.  I love fudge brownie, so if this was better than that, it had to be mine!  And she was absolutely right.  You still get the yummy, rich chocolate scent that you get in fudge brownie, but also a bakery note, maybe a little bit of a crusty scent.  I think the description for this one says you can smell the flour, and you really can.  It's like the best chocolate pastry baking in your oven.  I found the throw from my 8oz jar wasn't strong enough to scent my whole upstairs, so I ended up scooping out some wax to melt in my tart burner, and voila, upstairs was scented!  This would be really good as scoop some scent I think. to plot my next order...

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