Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Candles by Victoria Review of the day - Rice Crispy treats

Rice Crispy Treats

I ordered this scent in my Christmas order, so it's had close to 3 months to cure.  I think this one definately needs cure time, it didn't smell like much at all when I got it.  Now, on cold sniff, this smells sort of perfumey, with the predominant scent being the powder that covers marshmallows in the bag.  I also get a hint of the powder from the rice crispies, it's not so much the crisps, just the powder from the bottom of the bag.

Warm, the perfumey note is not nearly as strong.  The predominant scent is still the powder from the marshmallows, with the rice crispy scent being stronger, but still in the background.  There is no buttery scent, at least not to my nose.

While I don't think this smells exactly like a rice crispy treat, it's still a very nice powdery scent.  I wouldn't consider this to be a strong bakery scent because of the perfume note, but if you like marshmallows, you'll love this one!

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