Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Candles by Victoria Review of the Day - Brandied Custard

Brandied Custard

The scent shot that I have in brandied custard has a LOT of oil in it, like you could pour the oil out if you wanted to.  Which I love, because it's more of the delicious CBV scent to enjoy!  However, I think that all the oil made this a lot heavier on the brandy than its supposed to be.  It's still good, just really boozy smelling lol!  You get the brandy first, but you also get the creamy custard mixed in.  The two mix really well together.  It's kind of how I imagine a creme brûlée with brandy on top, instead of caramelized sugar, to smell.  I think this would be really good in candle form.

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