Monday, 26 March 2012

Candles by Victoria review of the day - Brown Sugar Shortbread

Brown Sugar Shortbread

This scent is a mixture of Granny's Pie Crust and Brown Sugar.  I find this to be a sweeter version of Granny's Pie Crust, which is a slightly salty, sweet pie crust smell, similar to a graham cracker crust.  The throw on this is a bit light, and I was finding it a little too sweet for my liking, so I threw in a piece of Snicker doodle, which is a little strong on its own.  Together, yum!  It was a sweet sugary cinnamon cookie.  I had to run out for a bit after melting this, and the receptionist at the vets office commented on how good I smelled!  I think this would be a good scent to use as a mixer to tone down some of the stronger, spicier bakery scents.

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