Monday, 14 November 2011

My November Candles by Victoria Review

I received my latest Candles By Victoria order this week, and it's mostly big candles in my favorite scents.  Candles by Victoria is hands down the best candle company I've ever bought from, they have lots of different products to scent your home, and the customer service is top notch!  Here's what I ordered...

Mustard Jars 24oz, $18.50

Pink Cupcake

This is definitely a top 5 scent for me.  I have it in the mustard jar, a bowl candle, sweet treat candle and scent shot.  It is soooo yummy and sweet.  It has a little of the cake scent, but mostly icing is what I smell.  I haven't lit this one yet, but the other 2 that I've burned have had a great throw and easily scent the whole room.  I would recommend this if you have a sweet tooth like I do :)

Fluffer Nutter

This another top 5 scent for me.  It is a mix of Peanut Butter Cookies and Marshmallow Campfire.  I don't get a strong peanut butter scent, just a hint, with a slightly perfumy sweet scent.  To me, it's a very warm, homey, comforting scent.  I always get compliments on this scent.

Chocolate Fudge Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Surprise 24 oz, $19.50

This is a repurchase for me.  I love love love this candle!  It has 3 of my favorite bakery scents in it. The bottom is Fudge Brownie, the middle is Cinnamon Buns, the top is Sugar Cookie, and it's topped with Cinnamon Bun crumbles.  It is so yummy and it has a great throw.  It has scented my tv room just by having the cover off the jar!  I like how it's like getting 3 separate candles, because you get approx 8 oz of each scent, and as the different layers melt and blend, it has a slightly different scent every time.  Yum!

Polka Dot Designer Bowl candle 16oz, $13.50
Coconut Cream Pie

This is the Pink Polka Dot design.  This scent is really creamy, with the coconut being on the lighter side.  Delicious, with a great throw.

Granny's Pie Crust

Again, this is the Pink Polka Dot design.  This scent is awesome on its own, or in scent shot form it's great for mixing with other scents.  It's sweet, a touch salty, with a graham cracker scent (at least that's what I smell)

Mini Bread Pan candle 12 oz, $12.50
Sugar Cookies

This candle always comes topped with Cinnamon Bun scented crumbles, so I had to be sure to order a scent that would mix well with the cinnamon.  I decided to go with Sugar Cookie, to try and recreate the top part of my Chocolate Fudge Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Surprise candle.  I haven't burned this one yet, but on cold smell, it's just what I was looking for.  It comes wrapped in home spun ribbon, which makes it perfect for gift giving!

Mini Jelly jar 4oz, $5
Winter Snowflake

I got this one for when I have a stuffy nose.  It's Peppermint and Pine mixed.  It's heavier on the peppermint, which is what I was looking for.  It's a nice winter scent, and it worked great on my nose!  It has a strong throw.

Scent shots 2 oz, $2

Pink Cupcake (described above)

Vanilla Bean Noel-this is a vanilla caramel type of scent.  I got this to mix with Peace and Fudge Brownie.

Cinnamon Buns-strong cinnamon scent with a slight doughy scent.  I love this one on its own, but I got this specifically to add to my bread pan candle once the crumbles have all disappeared.

Cookies  for Santa- (free scent shot)-I was really happy to get this as my free s shot as its one of my favorite bakery scents.  It smells just like Sugar Cookies mixes with Cinnamon Buns, which if it wasnt obvious, is a mix that I love!  I had 1/4 going in my melter for over 2 days!  Super strong throw, but not overpowering.

Please check out Candles by Victoria.  I've never been disappointed by anything I've received from CBV and Victoria herself is an amazing lady :). As I've said before, she has, by far, the best customer service of any company I've ever bought from, and I don't buy candles from anywhere else.


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